Not a laughing matter

Helium is an asphyxiant. That is, when it is inhaled it takes the place of oxygen in the lungs. Our brain as well as every other organ in our body needs oxygen to survive. Inhaling a substance that deprives the body and its organs of oxygen can cause heart failure, brain damage, pneumonia, hearing loss, or other injury to the nervous system, or ultimately death. As a result, you must know that inhaling foreign gasses is VERY dangerous. This practice is called HUFFING.

Laughing at an individual who has inhaled a balloon’s gas to change their voice is dangerous and not a laughing matter. What may seem to be an funny voice altering, speech slurring “trick” at a party is anything but funny. More specifically, this “trick” is not a laughing matter but can be a FATAL matter. An individual’s risk for death or injury can vary with their body size, the volume and type of gas inhaled, the underlying health of the individual, and the frequency of the inhalation. Despite those variables, one huff of any asphyxiant can be fatal and the dangerous behaviors performed while under the influence can also be life altering.

Please enjoy the party, be the life of the party, and not a victim of HUFFING.